Petawa Buy and Sell

Petawa Buy and Sell: Best Facebook Groups

Buy, Sell or Trade – Petawawa, Ontario on Facebook

  1. Petawawa Buy And Sell No Rules!

    • Admin’s Description:
      “This group is about making some money, with used or new goods. Bump all you want, sell whatever you want, have fun doing it!”
    • Group Accessibility: Private
    • Members: 17,079
    • Activity: On average 150 Posts a day
  2. Petawawa 24/7 Flea Market

    • Admin’s Description:
      “Buy, Sell, Trade items and valuables! Open to everyone! NO SPAMMING, NO EXCESSIVE BUMPING! Enjoy and happy selling and hunting!Add Members! Inv… “
    • Group Accessibility: Public
    • Members: 3,341
    • Activity: On average 56 Posts a day