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University books buy and sell, benefits students and researchers to get to buy, sell, trade and swap books. In addition there are also giveaway books available. If you have any books that you no longer use or need donate them. This would be a very thoughtful act particularly if you are a university student. Since, the chances are you might have plenty of books you will never use again after your classes are over.

University Books Nova Scotia, Buy Sell Trade and Swap on Facebook

  1. Stfx Books – Buy, Sell, Trade & Giveaway

    • Admin’s Description:
      “A place for students to Buy, Sell, Trade & Giveaway books. Rules:… “
    • Group Accessibility: Public
    • Members: 7,045
    • Activity: On average 6 Posts a day
  2. Dalhousie Book Exchange

    • Admin’s Description:
      “Got books? If you’re university student, chances are you have masses of books you’ll never crack again after class is over. Why not offer them … “
    • Group Accessibility: Public
    • Members: 10,260
    • Activity: On average 3 Posts a day
  3. Smu Book Selling

    • Admin’s Description:
      “Book Exchange for Saint Mary’s StudentsPlease protect yourself! … “
    • Group Accessibility: Public
    • Members: 6,958
    • Activity: On average 2 Posts a day