Bronx NY Buy and Sell

Bronx Buy Sell and Trade | Best Facebook Groups Bronx NY

Bronx Buy Sell and Trade, Buy Sell Trade and Swap Bronx NY on Facebook

  1. Bronx Online Garage Sale

    • Admin’s Description:
      “Post your items for sale in the bronx. If you want to make a post outside the Bronx, than this needs to be approved by admin before posting…”
    • Group Accessibility: Private
    • Members: 36,100
    • Activity: On average 311 Posts a day
  2. Westchester & Bronx Trade And Barter Or Sale!

    • Admin’s Description:
      “We all have items we’d like to get rid of and services we can provide. Well why not trade / barter or sell them?! Give something, Get something.”
    • Group Accessibility: Public
    • Members: 2,962
    • Activity: On average 54 Posts a day
  3. Bronx & Lower Westchester Yard Sale Group

    • Admin’s Description:
      “This group was designed to help the people in the local area reach out and offer their unneeded items for reasonable prices to each other.”
    • Group Accessibility: Private
    • Members: 14,920
    • Activity: On average 31 Posts a day
  4. Bronx & Mount Vernon Yard Sale Group

    • Admin’s Description:
      “A few rules: by being in this group ALL MEMBERS must abide by these rules at all times. Please put signature that you agree to all terms.”
    • Group Accessibility: Private
    • Members: 10,327
    • Activity: On average 14 Posts a day
  5. Riverdale Buy / Sell / Trade (Bronx, Ny)

    • Admin’s Description:
      “*You must answer ALL three required questions to be considered for his group. For folks in Riverdale, NEW YORK looking to Buy / Sell / Trade.”
    • Group Accessibility: Private
    • Members: 5,693
    • Activity: On average 11 Posts a day
  6. Bronx Audio Classifieds, Buy Sell Trade

    • Admin’s Description:
      “Worldwide Group! Post any car / home audio stuff,cars, rims, any car related stuff, bikes. Post your picture of item, price and location.”
    • Group Accessibility: Public
    • Members: 881
    • Activity: On average 1 Post a day

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