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Leburn Buy Sell Swap Best Facebook Groups

  1. Leyburn Buy Swap And Sell

    • Group Description:
      This page is for helping local people and businesses trade. Please be polite with each other and please trade with honour and respect.
    • Members: 4,534
    • Public Group
    • Activity: Average of 37 posts a day.
  2. Leyburn Residents

    • Group Description:
      Welcome to ‘Leyburn residents’, past, present and future. This group has been set up to unite people of Leyburn in their efforts to improve their town.
    • Members: 5,626
    • Public Group
    • Activity: Average of 17 posts a day.
  3. Leyburn Community Leisure Club

    • Group Description:
      Just a page to keep local people updated on Leyburn leisure club and share ideas. Please add and share.
    • Members: 197
    • Public Group
    • Activity: Average of 1 post a day.

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