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Lumsden Buy and Sell | Best Facebook Groups

Lumsden buy and sell has a number of Facebook groups, that specialize in a variety of products. If you have anything that you particularly need at any given time in Lumsden. You can try and join any of these amazing groups and buy what you need.

The community was chosen by Harrowsmith Magazine in 2002 as the “prettiest” town in the province. Hence besides its good business profile the town is also good for holidays.

Lumsden Saskatchewan, Buy Sell Trade and Swap on Facebook

  1. Lumsden And Area Buy And Sell

    • Admin’s Description:
      “*Saskatchewan* This group is for people who would like to support the buy and sell community of our small, neighbouring towns of Lumsden, Pense…”
    • Group Accessibility: Private
    • Members: 931
    • Activity: On average 5 Posts a day
  2. Buy & Sell In Lumsden Sk

    • Admin’s Description:
      “If your city or town of residence cannot be seen on your profile page, and if it is not in close proximity to the Town of Lumsden, you will not be allowed…”
    • Group Accessibility: Private
    • Members: 1,694
    • Activity: On average 4 Posts a day

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