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Magherafelt Buy and Sell | Magherafelt Buy Sell and Swap UK

Magherafelt Buy and Sell; 5 of the best buy and sell groups for residents of Magherafelt.

5 Best Magherafelt Buy and Sell Facebook Groups

  1. Cookstown / Magherafelt Buy Sell And Swap

    • Group Description:
      A group for residents for Cookstown and Magherafelt.
    • Members: 6,704
    • Public Group
    • Activity: Average of 125 posts a day.
  2. Magherafelt, Cookstown And Magherafelt Buy, Sell Or Swap Anything

    • Group Description:
      May everyone that is putting up posts more than three items a day, please put them in a album with price.
    • Members: 10,098
    • Public Group
    • Activity: Average of 77 posts a day.
  3. Magherafelt Buy And Sell

    • Group Description:
      A Magherafelt buy and sell group.
    • Members: 10,745
    • Private Group
    • Activity: Average of 59 posts a day.
  4. Magherafelt

    • Group Description:
      Please feel free to post any photos you have.
    • Members: 17,196
    • Public Group
    • Activity: Average of 9 posts a day.
  5. For Sale Magherafelt

    • Group Description:
      Items for sale in Magherafelt.
    • Members: 2,221
    • Private Group
    • Activity: Average of 7 posts a day.

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