Kentville Buy and Sell

Kentville Buy And Sell | Best Facebook Groups

Kentville buy and sell, is one of the valley areas in Nova Scotia, with anumber of trade,swap, and purchase Facebook group. However, the. Group is a public group. Meaning that it is open to everyone particularly in Kentville valley to join.

Kentville Nova Scotia, Buy Sell Trade and Swap on Facebook

  1. Wolfville Buy & Sell

    • Admin’s Description:
      “Buy, sell, trade & service site for the Wolfville, New Minas, Kentville & surrounding(valley) area.… “
    • Group Accessibility: Public
    • Members: 10,753
    • Activity: On average 117 Posts a day
  2. Online Yard Sale For/ Kentville/Wolfville/New Minas

    • Admin’s Description:
      “Sell anything trade anything its for everyone to shop online”
    • Group Accessibility: Private
    • Members: 14,890
    • Activity: On average 116 Posts a day
  3. Friendly Sales Kentville And Surrounding Area’s

    • Admin’s Description:
      “Hello everyone! This is a group that is and will be drama free. You can sell whatever it is you want…”
    • Group Accessibility: Private
    • Members: 5,844
    • Activity: On average 105 Posts a day

Kentville valley has has about three leading Facebook groups. These comprise of;


Online yard sale for Kentville, Wolfville and New Minas. This yard sale open group has over 14878 members . And is still open to new members. It is well known for its renounced group rules . That help maintain order within the group and peace amongst it’s members. As it does not allow violent speech , damaging and disrespectful comments. But healthy natural debates that keep business rolling. However, keeping you feeling safe, in this environment is their priority. As they do not allow bullying, degrading comments. So, these are the points to note before joining this disciplined group.

Secondly: In Kentville buy and sell

We have Friendly sales Kentville and surrounding area’s Facebook group. Which has over 5.8k members and is a private group. Meaning that only group members can see what has been posted.

Then finally, Kentville buy and sell

Wolfville buy and sell Facebook group. This Facebook group is an open group and has more than 10k members. In this group you can see what people have posted and the people who are in the group as well; even if you are not a member. Making business opportunities to be vast.

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